Just looking for some attention


AHHH! See Kim Pee = GONE?

Well, not REALLY gone, just to a new location! ^___^

to go to my newest web log site. :)



Blog hittage has gone down substantially throughout this year. I suppose it shouldn't matter... But DAMNnNNnit.. AHHA ^_^; S'all good. Once summer comes and those top 10 bloggers of the day things come back... BWHAHAHHAAH I'll be busting it out.

^_^* You're so cute, Katie...

If I were your teacher, I'd give you an A+++++++++ HAHA!!... but then... If I were your teacher, I wouldn't have collected the HW, because I'm a lazy ass bum. ^_^


Got News Yesterday

That I might actually continue to work on the CNH Cyberkey!.. Haha... How funny, I guess I'll never get rid of KEY Club! :)~... But yeah, they said they might even be able to pay me for the work I'll do on the CyberKEY... SCOOOOOOORE!! :D

Grrr... I don't condone drugs

And it makes me kind of sick to know that so many people do them... I donno... It's just so gross and icky!.. Haha... For example: An Ecstacy Induced Blog... It's like... I don't know.. I don't care if people PRACTICE in illegal activities, but to proclaim it so.... :T... It's annoying. Although, I have to admit, all the chicks in her blog are very cute.

Got a new handy phone yesterday!

It's sooo cute! ^^; And it has a voice recorder!! Haha.. It's tight.. Now every time Nick calls it says "OHH MY GOD! It's NICK!"... And every time guys (in the book) call, it says "AHH! Hot guy alert! Pick up the phone, stupid!".. ^___^ Gyeaaaah! go me!


I miss Nick

I find myself feeling really lonely when I don't get my daily dose of Nick. Haha. It's so bad.. ^_^* But somehow he always makes me smile and/or says something to make the day seem brighter... Even when it's something completely silly like "Moooo to you too baby"... Heh. I don't know... I miss talking to him every day like we did in the summer I guess... I know he's super busy with school, though... And I don't want to interrupt that w/ my silly highschoolish complaining... ^_^* I just hope he's not too busy to talk/chill w/ me this summer!!!

Poo on college. Just found out another one of my most hated people is going to Irvine. Am I cursed??


Thank you Michelle for making me feel better about my blog.. ^_^* Tee hee.. Sometimes I really do feel as if I'm not very ineresting to the average reader though. I wonder what would make my blog more interesting. Haha. Nothing, probably. Maybe if I turned my blog pink and became a girly girl... Yanno.. Now that I think about it.. I've never had a pink blog. I've always threatened it.. but it's never happened.. HmM... HEhE.. I havea couple hours before school starts. ^______^



NO MORE APS NO MORE BOOKS NO MORE TEACHERS DIRTY LOOKS!.. Well.. Ok maybe the last one.. But GYEAAAH... No more AP's!!


AP Status:
-4 years of English (3 of accelerated English) down the drain.
-4 years of French down the drain + a smack talking french teacher.
-AP Human Geography
-AP Chem: Not only did I black out, they made me call my mother.
3 AP tests down
1 AP test voided
1 AP test to go

Monday Morning
AP English
Wednesday Afternoon
AP French
Monday Morning
AP Human Geography
Monday Afternoon
AP Chemistry
Tuesday Afternoon
AP Government


Amendment #1: Let Anime watching be changed to the last slot and wasabi to the third.
Amendment #2: Let the fifth and final challenge be a holding of breath contest.

Pat and I

Have challenged each other. Let it be said.

1. I will beat him at Quake III Arena
2. I will beat him at WWF Style Wrestling
3. I will beat him at watching Anime late at night
4. I will beat him at piling on the wasabi on the sushi
5. I will beat him at something else that has yet to be decided

And so on this day forward, the battle begins. ^_^ GO ME!

Oh man oh man...

So I'm sitting there, taking my AP Chem test... Suddenly these little white dots start showing upa dn I'm like oh shit... I'm like hey lady, can I go to the restroom? I was gonna go to splash my face right.. But then like by the time I got to the bathroom everything turned black! and I was like oh holy crap I should go to the office.. so i walked to the office.. Only I went into the wrong one.. and then as I left that one i forgot why I wans't taking my AP test,e ven though i was still really dizzy.. So I was walking back when my friend came by me and was like... Oh shit what's wrong with you?... I was like uhrhh... iunno AP test.. must take feel dizzy.. He's lie.. You're going to the office w/ me.. And I was like.. NooOoo AP test AP test... But then yeah, the took me to the office and they made me call my mother. =T THe ENd.



I love how everyone (even I) hates it when someone they know reads their blog (especially when it's a constant thing)... But then like... The people you know are the only people who care enough to read about the mundane things that you go through every day. Hah!.... And then... if your blog isn't for others to read, what is it for?... Well, personal reflection, I suppose... But not really. I don't know. I'm a confused individual that needs psychological help I suppose. :P

Am I too normal?

As I read blog after blog, I realise that mine is just like everybody else's... A compilation of the internet, my life and trivial things that I think are cool. I wish that I had something I was truly passionate about that I could write about every day. Besides myself, I don't really know what else to write about. I mean; it's not like I'm the expert in anything else. And I'm not too keen on trying to find a new specialty right now.

I guess I have a surface knowledge in the things that I'm interested in. I know a mediocre amount about cars... A little more than the average Anime fan a little less than otaku about Anime. I know about computers, but they're not my end-all. I don't know. I think I need to find a passion. Haha.. For something besides myself. :P Gee. That seems kind of narcissistic. (Wait, what am I saying, that IS narcissistic.)

School brings out the worst in me. I always feel a little depressed this time of year. It's hard for me to handle that everyone has their own things to do and can't pay attention to me. ^_^



I realise that cheese is the best thing ever. But what can I do... It gives me diarrhea and intestinal problems. I fart, I burp... I'm like a freaking gas machine. Sigh.. And all the cool Pizza parties given by my AP teachers down the drain. Hey, at least we don't have to take a final. That would suck such a fattie.


Ahh, a whole 4 days without the evils of AP Testing

Sometimes I feel as if I could be murderous. You know, go and kick the head of CollegeBoard in the balls and watch him/her die a slow painful death. Of course... That would be disturbed and I'd probably have to go to jail. Oh well... You don't have to do AP Testing in jail. I don't know what is worse: AP Tests or being buttraped by a large inmate.


I hate the fact that I dwell on problems. I mean... I'm not generally an unhappy person... but once I get on a roll, every problem that comes along gets pulled apart in my mind like an insect in a laboratory. I don't know.... I think I'm just feeling a little run down or SOMETHING. Oh well.. Got rid of that ugly ass layout I had up. I reallly didn't understand why I ever put it up in the first place.. But yeah.. =D this is the simplest blog I've ever had (well, except for the first one, where it was the default... but that doesnt count because it only lasted like.. an hour)...Anyhow, yeah. I'm really liking it.. No skill involved and yet it still looks decent! Go me. =}



Back to simpleness.


I hate school. I hate my teachers. I hate the kids at school. I hate my friends. I hate everybody. Gragh. Just die and go to hell.