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July 22, 2005

Support Positive

I needed new clothes and I found this site...

I've been looking around for new clothes lately, since I sold all of mine because of el-fat-tummy-o and I found out about this amazing clothing company called AccentuateClothing.  Their designs look more like stuff you would put on your wall than on your body... Gorgeous!

After taking a look at their site, I've decided that I really want to buy a shirt from them, but I'm not sure which one.. So I've narrowed it down to three choices, and I'd like you guys to tell me which one I should get... :)

CHOICE 1: Wings
I think this one looks really cool because the print is actually printed on the INSIDE of the shirt in BLACK, making the wings show through the shirt in grey.  Way cool idea.

Doesn't my hair look HOT in that pic?

CHOICE 2: Heart

This one is also pretty cool, because the little cupids in the shape of the heart are actually printed over the side of your breast... Mmm.... breasts.  Wait, though.. This might not be a good idea because I don't have any breasts, so I shouldn't be drawing attention to them.

CHOICE 3: Beauty
The name of this is "world of beauty" but I just like it beause it has nifty curly-cues and shit.  Unfortunately, it's only availible right now in the men's section... But, I could use some masculinity now and then.


Which one, which one?! I'm totally at a loss.  I think they're all gorgeous, but I'm going to vegas soon, so I have to save my money and only get one for now.  I'm horrible at fashion choices, so I need your input!!

Posted by Kim at July 22, 2005 10:57 AM


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