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Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence --- whether much that is glorious- whether all that is profound --- does not spring from disease of thought --- from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect. -- edgar allan poe

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July 28, 2005


Nobody I know likes typical Korean people:
Not even other Korean people.

Dave Chappelle said something on Def Poetry Jam  -- it went something like this: "Now I'd never say I'd hate all korean people.  I haven't met all korean people.  That hate talks for savages.  But even though I don't generalize --  I do do percentages and averages.  So far I hate 1 out of 5 korean people I've met so far."


For me the percentage is about half, I think.  I like about half of the Korean people I have met.   Which means, I dislike the other half.

Why?  Because all of the rest are whiney, bitchy, racist, hypocritical backstabbers.  That's right.  I said it, motherfuckers! 

Korean people are the only people I know that wrote me hate mail simply because I said I liked Korean music. Apparently, my Vietnamese ears weren't priviliged enough to listen to their precious language.  Excuse me, but the hate mail was written to me in English -- maybe if the hate mail had been in Korean I would have believed them.

I ESPECIALLY hate Korean bitches.  There isn't one guy I know who has dated a Korean girl and wasn't screwed over royally.  I've seen people destroy their whole lives for Korean bitches that leave them in the dust because they found someone better.  I've heard story after story of Korean bitches being Korean bitches.  Even guys who LOVE Korean girls know that they're going to get fucked over when they date a Korean bitch.

You might say to me then, "Why then, Kim are two out of four of your closest friends Korean?"  It's true, they are Korean -- but the difference is that one of them is gay, and the other one is a complete liberal [come on, women's studies @ berkeley?].

So, today's question: Why are typical Koreans so fucked up?

So what is it that we have learned today, kiddies?  Kim is a racist bitch who hates all Korean people.

Okay, not all Korean people, just more than half the ones I have met.  And apparently, the ones I haven't met are just fun to make fun of.

Bring it on, bitches.

Posted by Kim at July 28, 2005 09:15 AM


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