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February 23, 2005


"Her face was like a carwreck...

...I couldn't help but look..."

The other day, I was driving to Michael's Arts and Crafts Store in the pouring rain when I realized that the lane I was in was at almost a standstill. Now, I am admittedly not a very good driver, so at one block away from my destination, when given the choice between waiting it out and risking the changing of lanes into oncoming traffic from a stopped position....

I choose waiting it out.

That's when I saw smoke coming out of Pat & Oscars. Inching forward to the corner, I was then not too surprised to see a firetruck and caution tape wrapped around the back side of the building.

In all of my curiosity, it wasn't until the person behind me honked that I realized the light was green.


That's when I came to the realization -- I am guilty of one of the worst driving crimes out there: rubbernecking.

But, in an effort to justify my actions, I came up with this analogy:

Rubbernecking is very similar to an amusement park ride

Case Point #1: The long lines

First, one is subjected to unbearably long lines, inching forward little by little to the ultimate destination.

At some point in both waits, you say to yourself "this better be good."

Case Point #2: The short satisfaction

Whether it is being hurtled through space for 30 seconds, or realizing that you did not just wait 1 hour to drive 2 miles simply because people are trying to torture you -- knowing that your wait wasn't in vain, somehow makes it all worth it.

Am I the only one that feels a sick sense of placidity and a need to look when I realize that I've been in traffic for 10 times longer than I should because of an accident?

Or are there other reasons why people rubberneck?

Do you rubberneck? If so, why?

...I feel... so guilty.

Sorry for sucking

Who here likes puzzles?

Today's entry kind of sucked, so I present you with this riddle: The Crimson Room.

Find all the clues by clicking around and solving the puzzles to get out of the room to reach the vermillion room. My roommate sent this to me a while back and it afforded me half an hour of fun and frustration. I hope it will entertain you as much.

For full sized version (easier clickin): Click Here

Home page of Crimson Room Creator: Takagism

Additional Rooms Found Here:

Viridian Room
Blue Chamber

Note, everything is in chronological order, so do the crimson room first,then the viridian room then the blue chamber for best story flow.

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February 22, 2005


I rox0r! You're pWn3d!

As most of you have probably noticed, I take no pains in hiding the fact that I'm a huge nerd. In fact, in a way, I relish in the glory of being one of the geekiest kids you'll ever meet.

However, it wasn't always that way. I was once quite the ugly duckling who wanted desperately to be cool. Here is a picture of me as a youngster 7-9 years ago (not sure exactly, but that was the timespan of those particular glasses).

Early Years

As you can see, I was quite the looker. Needless to say the men were bowing at my feet with offers of marriage, and the popular/beautiful/popular girls were all scrambling to be my friend. ...Not.

That is why today's story is particularly touching.

My friend, Peter

The other day (01.27.2005), I received this particularly interesting message in my message box.

are you the same kim nguyen that I knew when i went to westmont for a year? You were one of my few friends. You used to wear red glasses if I remember correctly. If so, i'm so sorry I did not keep in touch over the years. After we moved, I lost the book that I wrote down numbers in. Anyhow, I'd love to be able to catch up with you after the past 7 years. I hope this doesn't creep you out or anything.


Peter? Peter. Peter..... Peter. (clicks on his profile)... HOLY CRAP! Peter! FELLOW NERD-FRIEND, FRENCH PARTNER, AND CHESS CLUB MEMBER

My friend from 9th grade had found me randomly after 7 years

Unbelievable. After 7 years, he still remembered me and my red glasses. It was one of the most poignant moments of my life. I was so excited that I failed to reply to his message because I was too busy telling all my friends the amazing story of my friend Peter from high school.

Aww come don't remember me? Well it's cool because I did move and go to a different High School after freshman year.


Ok, I'm retarded, I'm sorry I didn't reply, Peter... Take this PUBLIC APOLOGY from me, PLEASE. But seriously -- you are officially on the list of high on cool people I know.

My most memorable Peter memory

Ok, so it's a given that we were both fairly nerdy. However, what you might not realize is that at the beginning of my highschool career I was also somewhat of an outcast. Because of that, my groups in classes always ended up being all the outcasts of the class.

Peter was also an outcast (sorry Peter! you know it's true!)... So needless to say, in French class, we shared many a group projects.

The best group project we ever did was an end of the year video presentation in French Class [note: almost all group presentations were videos].

Has anyone ever taken French? If you have you might have had to been exposed to the horrible French Learning tapes that featured a talking pineapple named "Anana" (pineapple). For our final project we had to create our own episode of Anana's adventures.

Je suis un anana!

Ours was the greatest project ever -- we filmed it in my backyard, and the plot was priceless. (Let's see if I remember this correctly....It's been 7 years)

The Plot

Anana (Peter) goes to cafe. Meets Ananette (Our own character, played by me).

Orders a drink

Anana and Ananette get angry at each other for some reason

Anana is walking around my back yard and gets shot with a rifle. There is a spray of yellow construction paper.

Ananette grieves and then dies somehow.

The waiter says some pithy line in french, and the video ends with the waiter showing a pineapple can with the word "Ananette" inscribed on the front.
I'm telling you, we're freakin' geniuses.

Je suis un Ananette! Just kidding, my real french name was FIFI for all four years of french. Fifi Nguyen.

I wish I still had that video, so I could show all of you. It was straight genius.

The single most touching thing about this whole thing is that, last night, before signing off AIM and going to bed, Peter said to me -- "Thank you, for being my friend".

My eyes became moist. It made me realize that sometimes, you make an impact in people's lives without ever having known it. Thank you, Peter, for finding me.
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Peter's Xanga: Today's entry is 100% dedicated to my oldfound friend, Peter. =]

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February 21, 2005

Legend of Xanga

The Legend of Xanga : Propseeker

Our Hero first began this journey through the World of Blog 6 years ago. In those days, it was a world without Eprops, and a world without comments. People came and went as they pleased. It was a happy time. She left the world for a while, thinking that when she came back everything would be the same.

All alone

One day, as Our Hero was galavanting through the fields of Internet, she came across a wise mage. The mage told her about how the World of Blog had changed -- and that a new, barren land had been formed called Land of Xanga. He said that there was a huge shortage of good writers and that through her pen, she could change the Land of Xanga to a place where content reigned supreme.

The Wise Mage Sup007

However, to begin changing the world, she must first go on the quest for the elusive Eprops -- with enough of them, she could open the door to The Castle of Featured and show everybody in the Land of Xanga, that indeed it was not just titties and whining, but content, thought and good writing that could reign as KING in the Land of Xanga.

Our Hero took the challenge.

Our Hero began collecting a few e-props a day, from friends and acquaintances. Soon Our Hero realized that one could not reign KING in the Land of Xanga on that alone. So, she began seeking out more information.

Soon, she ran into a quite formidable enemy:


King Cakalusa Monster was well known in the Land of Xanga for bringing laughter to his people. However, she wanted to learn from him to one day herself reach the status of KING.

Befriending the Monster

So, Our Hero got by this monster by befriending him and presenting him with the gift of CAM. He acknowledged her skill of CAM and gave her another powerful weapon in return - the gift of LINKAGE. And also some Eprops from his own pocket.

Cam Prowress

However, the enemies did not stop there. She encountered hundreds of bad writers, dirty emo kids, "random propz!", and "COMMENT BACKS OK?!". At one point Our Hero was so overwhelmed that she left the Land of Xanga and went back to the Country of Real Life for a little while. However, Our Hero was not to be deterred for long.

The Worst Enemies

One week later, Our Hero returned with a vengeance, realizing that all the monsters were doing exactly what they were supposed to, and that she should not let them get in her way, but strike them with her boomerang of Zero Eprops and continue writing.

To this day, Our Hero continues her quest as the Legendary Propseeker to gain the status of KING -- currently she has succeeded in reaching the 2nd Door to the Castle of Featured.

The Quest is Not Finished

And still she continues. Writing, striking down enemies with boomerangs, and giving you zero Eprops, seeking for the Legendary Treasure of Featured Content #1.

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My drawing! Click fast forward to see me draw lightening quick!.

Hear ye hear ye!

It has come to my attention that indeed, for today, 02/21/05, I AM the KING of Xanga! ALL HAIL ME MIGHTY KING OF XANGA. And now, I rest.

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February 20, 2005


Are you ___Sexual?

With the progression of our society towards a more open and accepting world we've come to a time and place where people have become relatively open with their sexuality.

Until recently I knew of gay people, bisexuals, trans-sexuals, trans-genders, and of course, straight people. However, as of late, more and more new terms seem to be popping out of nowhere.

New terms I've learned include:

Metrosexual: "An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle."

Pansexual: "A person who participates in (or is open to) sexual activities of many kinds."

This got me thinking, what will be the next word-rage to define oneself with the suffix of "sexual"?

After a bit of time and some help from friends, I've been able to come up with the following:


One who likes to have sex with tricycles.


One who likes to have sex with mails.


One who has wayyy too much cybersex


One who likes to have sex with statues.

What type of ___sexual are you?

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February 19, 2005

My apartment

My Apartment
The best apartment ever. Really.

Since so many of you are from far, far, distant places, I thought it might be cool to show you how I live out here in Orange County. Trust me... This ain't the OC that you see on TV

Welcome to my apartment.

As you walk in, take a look around -- our apartment has plenty of interesting sights to see. Note our indoor pool, indoor lawn, and indoor cardboard cutouts who squat in our apartment.

My Apartment-mates

Take off your shoes

James Dean says, "Damn these bitches got a lot of shoes!"

Marilyn likes the pantry

We tend to find Marilyn in the pantry as often as not. Other times she's in the bathroom. We're concerned because we think she might be bulimic.

Elvis is a whore

It's nice to come home and have a boy waiting for you in your bed. . . He gets around in our apartment, though.

Poolside fun

Being a computer science major, I don't really get to go out that often. However, our apartment does have wireless internet and I do have a laptop, so I tend to wander around the apartment quite a bit... So between my roommate and I, we've been able to simulate the outdoors with an indoor pool and grass.

Simulating the outdoors

Odie knows what's up.

Watching TV

The pool is a great place to sit to watch television with a close friend.

Drinking alone

I've been known to down a little alky to relax after a long day.

My best friend, Odie
Poolside conversations

I enjoy partaking in stimulating conversation with Odie.

But.. Sometimes we disagree...

A lot..

Don't tell my roommates.

Shoutout to knitting

I can't write a post about my apartment without giving a shoutout to knitting. For the past two years, 3/4 of the people living in our apt have been knitters and it is good. This is the picture of a beureau that we have in our living room -- it hold all of our yarn. You heard it. We have drawers specifically for crafts. We're so awesome. :)

Take off your shoes

In conclusion: I love you my apartment!!! That means YOU, Steph, Megs, Ivy, and formerly Jennifer and Loraine!! You guys rock!

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February 18, 2005


As of late, I've been exposed to many types of blogs. The ones that touch me the most are the ones that I can relate to on a personal level.

Stories of death and suicide always bring chills to my spine and unbidden memories to my mind. I can't escape what I once was, though I try so hard to convince myself that I've changed. Some days I feel myself slipping back into that old comfortable sleeve of depression. How do I get out? It's a place I know so well, that once I'm there, sometimes it feels easy.

It's funny, that depression can feel easy. Sometimes it really is, though. Easier to be depressed than happy. Depression I don't have to work at, depression doesn't take extra thought, extra care, extra effort. Happiness is something I must constantly fuel with things, people, activities. Alone and left to my own devices, my mind easily falls back into the place in which it is most comfortable.

Negative > * ?

Why is the positive so easily pWned by the negative?

Thinking about this made me realize something I have always known -- destruction, devastation, and depression will always be easier to achieve than their positive counterparts. Why is this though?

Why is it that to lose everything, all you have to do is nothing, while to gain anything of worth you have to work hard? Why is it that things that take years and years to be developed can be destroyed in a single act of nature, or of human?

Take the tsunami for example.
Take a long-term relationship cut short by the mistake of one person.
Take a building destroyed by a wrecking ball.
An instant, that's all it takes to destroy something that may have taken a lifetime to create.

Is this just a fact of life?

Or is this because as humans, we can't be satisfied with something that isn't hard to achieve?

..Like all of those people who are only interested in "the thrill of the chase" and the instant that they catch their prey, they lose interest... Like how girls are taught to play "hard to get" at a young age... Like how a lot of activities are only fun if you have to struggle to become good, if you have competition and the chance of defeat.

Are bad/negative results just easier to achieve, or are we psychologically inclined to believe that the only things worth having we have to work for?

A section of my blog to encourage a bigger internet Beautiful writing. Appears to be a mixture of truth and fiction. It touches me. I highly, highly recommend the entry entitled "Midnight Tourist".

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February 17, 2005


The return of the bomb

Hello all, it's been a week exactly since I went on my break. The vacation was good. Most of you probably didn't notice I was gone, but "thank you" for all of you who did notice and made inquiries. Also, thank you for putting up with my petulant temper -- I tend to get overwhelmed by trivialities easily.


I hold the firm belief that everything, every action, has a reason behind it. We eat because we are hungry. We are hungry because our body needs food to survive. We need to survive to continue our species. Etcetera, etcetera.

Even a madman who acts seemingly without reason has a reason for doing what he does, though the reasoning may be alien and likely forever unknown to us.

This week I've had a lot of chances to think about reason. What is the reason behind the way I act? What are the reasons behind my actions themselves?


A good example, known and familiar to all of us, is blogging. Last week, I was in such a rage because of the way people were reacting [or lack of reaction] to my work that I was ready to leave the blogging community altogether. And for what reason? Because I wasn't getting the response and understanding that I wanted?

Throughout this week, I've discovered reasons to continue that are much greater than those listed in the previous posts that made me want to cease my online existence.

Why I blog
  1. I love to write.
  2. I think it's funny to tell people that I'm popular on the internet. aka "e-popular".
  3. Lots of people see my thoughts.
  4. Sometimes I have something important and thought provoking to say, and it's nice to know that there are people out there who will hear it.
  5. Sometimes I have something funny and interesting to say, and it's nice to know that there are people out there who will hear it.
  6. I like to make fun of stupid and ignorant people in a public forum.
  7. I like the attention.
  8. I love to write.
And... last of all, the NUMBER one reason that I blog is: I love to write. Ever since I stopped blogging, I haven't stopped writing, just not for others to see... But through this, I've come to realize that I love writing for an audience. I feel that it helps me push the envelope on my creativity. I also feel happy when I get the one or two or sometimes many responses that make me think, "Wow, that person really understood what I was trying to say."

So, unless some idiot discovers a way to make me lose my love for writing, I will continue on my quest of insightfulness and intrigue for your amusement and my own.

What is your reason? For anything?

P.S. Also, was there ANY doubt in your mind?

Hello Kitty

pWnz ALL y'all!
She was also the winner of the superbowl.

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February 10, 2005


Gone fishin'

For inspiration

Due to the overwhelmingly wonderful responses on both, xanga, and even real life, I've decided that I will continue writing... eventually. I'm going to take a short hiatus from this place and try other places, other methods of self expression. I will come back, though, that I guarantee.

I'll see you all soon.

With love,

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February 08, 2005

heard? | View my online portfolio
Are you being heard? Am I?

I've been blogging for a long time. I have online jounals dating back to 1999. That means I'm going on six years. Never in my life have I received so much feedback on my site. Never so much have I felt like I'm not really being read.

It's not the huge amounts of people that visit my site that never comment. It's not all the people who have subscribed to me that have never commented.

It's the people who come to my site and comment, but have obviously not even taken the effort to read anything, and don't even have the courtesy to say something that is remotely related to what I have written. Never before have I seen such a blatant display of flippancy.

In the beginning it was kind of funny. In the beginning, it was almost flattering that people were spamming me with "lol" and "random propz". Now, it makes me kind of sad.

Its hard to ignore the non readers.

Why does this make me sad? This makes me sad because I feel like the quality of my writing has been diminishing. This makes me sad because I feel as if I have been dumbing down my posts in order to appeal to a larger amount of people (all so I can be heard) and in the meantime, losing what I cherished the most in my blogging: knowledge, and my message.

At one point I remember actually SAYING something. I don't anymore.

And why? For the prepubescent girls that come to my site that TypE LiKE Dis? for the illiterates that come to my site, look at the pictures and think that they can gather my thoughts by what I display through stick figures?

Why do I feel like I need to write stupidly so that I can upkeep my epopularity and appeal to a larger audience, when that larger audience is almost completely comprised with people that I don't respect and think are idiots?

I'm looking for that one person who will hear me

Listen to me! Hear what I'm saying!

Only, in order to reach that person, in order to increase my popularity in the hopes that someone who understands me will come across my site, I've stopped saying anything.

The irony is staggering.

Why post anything at all, if I have nothing to say?

I've been blinded by things lately, like hits, and featured content, and comments.

I've changed.

Blog habits that bother me

People like this girl,who spam my site with things like this and expect me to actually treat them with respect:

Visit dorkette9192's Xanga Site! Hello. I am running for xanga of the month and I was wondering if you could vote for me. You have to go to and vote for me. Hopefully you vote for me and if you do I'll give you sum "appreciation props"
Posted 2/7/2005 at 7:55 PM by dorkette9192 - delete - block user

I happened to reply back that I didn't want to vote and that I felt that "appreciation props" were retarded, and that she should come back to my site when she decided she had something to say that was worthwhile. Then she had the nerve to tell me that I was rude. Me? Rude? At least I was treating her like an individual human being.

On the contrary, I believe it is she who was quite rude. She didn't even take a moment to read the bold print on my entry and make a lame comment to some effect that made me feel like she had even seen my writing.

That, my friend, is rude.

Next time, read my shit.


This is for you, illiterate bitches.

Anyhow, I'm feeling angry and rather disillusioned about all this at the moment and don't really feel this blog stuff. I feel like I may blog again tomorrow, or I may never blog again... I don't know. We'll see what happens.

I know one thing for sure. If I blog again, I'll make sure it's quality and not quantity.

For those of you who have noticed my decrease in quality, I apologize. I'm slowly trying to bring back my old self.

shitlinks:[x] [x] [camville] [camwhores]

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February 07, 2005



When I was little my good friend and I used to get really bored and pretend that we were freestyle artists. It was fun, trying to come up with something right there, whatever is on your mind. It didn't always make sense, but it helped me learn how to use words more quickly.

Every once in a while, I would think of one so good I had to write it down. I love writing poetry or lyrics off the top of my head because I feel like, in a way, it's more true, more pure.

I'm not trying to say that I was actually GOOD at it or anything, but... there's really something special in my heart for poetry or lyrics that i've written off the top of my head without ever editing it

One such example of a poem that just flew from my fingers without stopping is this one:

Oh shit, fantacular as the MANtacular walks by/ I cry/ almost said bye bye / let him fly by/ but was sighed / a "don't try to lie or fake your high/ just settle down your little frown/ let me love ya as the sun goes own"/ obstruction of the construction that was created for a good fuck-tion/ let me show you the true love story/ the old allegory / of unconditional care/ multi-dimensional pair/ connection on a different level/ bevel/ wake up make up disheveled/ Extensional is the forensical musical lair/ that holds the truth and beginning of the rather untypical pair/ up the stair do dare explore the meaning of sparing care/ but it dont matter cuz the splatter that shattes/ the dreams of little babies occured like rabies/ wild and daring crazy like maybe/ I want to/ bite you/ fight you/ spite you/ fuck you / stuff you / love you/ kiss you/ hold you/ miss you.

Battoh gear.

What is the first thing that is flowing out of your mind? right now? Doesn't have to be poetry... =]

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February 06, 2005


Superbowl! Black VS. HelloKitty

Those of you that know me, know that I do not keep up with sports a lot. But even I, the sportless Kim pays attention to the superbowl. That is why, in the middle of the superbowl I am giving my play by play analysis of the game.

Today's players:


Hello Kitty

They appear to be very evenly matched. One, cute and sassy, the other one chiq and sophisticated.

Let's see what happens.

First Play

Looks like it's gonna be a close match guys. Both teams are really aiming for that orange! OOOOOHHHHH CRAP! GOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!! Hello Kitty gets it in and the crowd goes WILD!!

First Point Replay


Here's a shot of the player's friends and family: All decked out in team colors!


Second Play

The competition is fierce now. What is black gonna do? Uh oh.. uh oh... They're getting closer. OH! I have NEVER seen a COVER like that! Man, what an exciting game this is turning out to be.

Hello Kitty

WOW, This game is turning out to be really exciting! I am going to start to watch and stop blogging about it. SO.... it's time for YOU to tell me...

Who do you think is gonna win?!

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February 05, 2005

Great expectations

"Expectations are the root of disappointment"

I read that somewhere recently on a black blog in red letters. It struck me as trite but the idea has stuck to me somehow.

And now I have this indescribable urge to write about it. So call me trite if you will, but let me continue...

Valentines day <3

I believe that every year on valentines day, the sentiment of expectations being the root of disappointment is fully explored, not only by disappointed people in relationships, but also by singles.

People In Relationships

This goes without saying. I mean, this is pretty obvious -- people (especially girls) expect a big to-do from their 'boo' on Valentine's day and are subsequently disappointed when this doesn't happen.

I've been a victim to that situation myself.

A long long time ago, the first time I had a boyfriend on Valentines day, I spent the whole day making 2 dozen chocolate hershey kiss roses and baking a huge amount heart, star, and moon shaped sugar cookies coverd in pink red and white sprinkles. I still have the sprinkles.

I arrived at his house exicted and full of expectations of what the night had in store... Only to spend a good portion of the night sitting in his room watching him play the Warcraft3 beta that I had given him only 2 days before.

Since, I've learned to understand that life is better lived when you don't have expectations of grandeur.

What many girls (and I) sometimes fail to realize is that despite all of the media hype, a celebration of your relationship and a celebration of your love can happen any day, it doesn't have to be a special day, and especially not a day designated by society as a day of 'love'. What makes that day more special than any other day? Especially if it doesn't have any significance to you?

And despite what happened on that valentines day, I had many, many beautiful memories with that boy that are not attached to any pieces of media hype.

Still, it's hard to not be swept up by all the things on television.


Harder still, I think is life on singles during the time of this holiday.

Though Valentine's day has jokingly been called "Singles Appreciation Day" aka "S.A.D.", it's not hard to see why.

Even the people on television who are fake single act lonely on Valentine's day. The hype starts as soon as February begins and all the TV stations begin airing "romantic episodes" of shows and commercials become sappy and lovey dovey, and images of diamonds, chocolate, flowers and teddy bears are all over everything that you see.

You see it all the time on TV shows, people scrambling for valentines.. like Friends, Sex and the City, to name a couple.

All of a sudden, it's not even your own expectations that are causing you disappointment.

It's society's expectations.

It's hard enough dealing with the shit you put on yourself, but put that with the pressure that society puts on you to have a significant other or at least someone to share the night with on the 14th, you begin to get desparate.

You start looking for any bitch that might spend time with you on that night (remember Chandler and Janice on Friends?), doesn't matter how much he/she shit on your heart or if you cared for him/her at all. Who cares? As long as you have something to show for that night, to fulfill society's expectation that everybody needs a valentine to be happy.

Now, this isn't a rail against those people who DO do something romantic on Valentines day. I think it's cool to plan ahead and do something amazing for each other, etc etc. I think it really shows a person's dedication if they try to make an amazing night.

I don't diss the celebration of love. I think any celebration of love is beautiful. I think that couples should celebrate their love more often than one day a year... that people should always be thinking of ways to make their significant others smile.

I even think valentines day is fun to celebrate.

My question is, what is the urge that causes us to want to do it on the same day? Is there some kind of psychological thrill that people get from knowing that there's millions of other people enjoying their love, while still more are suffering because of it?

Why does our society, our media, our heart (even my heart...) build up so much expectation and anticipation for a day that, really, doesn't even have very much significance?

. A good answer for me and I will give you a cookie

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February 04, 2005


Kim = Sick fuck

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February 03, 2005

Plagiarism, etc.

Internet Impersonations

Finally, a serious topic.

What is it about the relative anonymity and largeness of the Internet that makes people believe they can get away with using someone else's picture as a mask or, in my eyes even worse, blatant plagiarism.

I mean, seriously, even considering the gigantic size of the internet, with the speed at which information travels, it is possibly EASIER now to catch these imposters that are trying to do these heinous crimes.

Maybe it's just me.

You might be wondering what has caused me to go into this self-righteous tirade... So let me tell you.

Yesterday, not once, but TWICE I got notice of two different people using something that was MOST DEFINATELY mine and calling it their own.

Case Example #1

'REIKO' aka MMORPG imposter - FFXI

A couple months back I had a friend IM me out of nowhere after 3 years of not talking to me to ask if I played FFXI (Final Fantasy XI). Of course, I replied truthfully, "No."

"Weird. I think someone's using your picture on this forum."

"WHAAAT?"-- After seeing this, I immediately signed up for the forum, wrote a note on the page and notified the administrators. The picture was taken away.

Case Example #2

'REIKO' aka MMORPG imposter (AGAIN!) - WOW

Yesterday I got an IM from someone I didn't know. They said something along the lines of "Do you play WoW?" Again, I replied truthfully, "No."

"Weird. I think someone's using your picture on this forum."


Ok, I really don't know what I can do at this point. I want to do something evil, but there's no way that I can find this girl. It makes me wonder how many MMORPG sites I'm actually on.


Case Example #3

AznCutiePie4eva aka AznPlagiarizer4eva

Give her 0 e-props.

It's funny, because I got notification that there was somebody out there who had a post that was remarkably similar to my "Kim's Socially correct Greetings".

Remember this post anybody? :) it was only like, last week.

So anyhow, I went to this site, and lo and behold!!

All look same!

Well, not exactly, she actually took the time to get rid of the "Kim" part, and she also added another, 7th greeting (a TOTALLY ugly imitation of my beautiful stick figures, I might add) with the tree to boot.

However, as i read and re-read this entry, there was no sign anywhere of crediting me as the original author. So sad, but true.

The funny part was that the images themselves were still directly linked from my server. So, being the passive agressive bitch I am, instead of actually confronting her about it, I decided to play a little game I call "How many times a day does she look at her site?

I replaced ALL the images that were being taken (Wow, she was even using bandwidth that I pay for!)... So the site ended up looking something like this:

Oh yeah baby. Divine retribution.


The funny thing is, right afterwards, she tried to make nice with me by commenting with this:

Visit AznCutiePie4eva's Xanga Site!oops sry for not crediting at the end of my post, didn't really think of it at the time...anyways, how'd you make those gifs? i was thinking flash, but i'm so computer illiterate i wouldn't know one program from another..haha
Posted 2/2/2005 at 1:47 PM by AznCutiePie4eva - delete - block user

...right. She had the time to think of taking my name off, and to add another greeting and DRAW it, but she didn't think of crediting me? Ha.

Likely story. Really, how stupid does she think I am?

Sorry, biatch! No eprops for you!


In other news... Check out this awesome new sex product for ridiculously lazy people:

Lazy People Sex


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February 02, 2005

Kim's Invention

Kim = Pervert since childhood?

I prefer the word "Genius"

Since even many of my "old" readers haven't known me for very long, and almost nobody I know knows me from childhood, I thought I would share with you guys a glimpse of what I was like when I was a kid. I have some pretty funny ass stories from childhood, so expect more in the future.

LET ME WARN YOU! I was a weird kid.


So, today's story is about a game I created as a child at Rosemary Elementary School in fourth grade. The greatest game of all time:

Butt Tag

EST 1992

Here's the premise of butt tag:

Instead of tagging people like normal, as the name indicates, you have to tag them on the butt. BUT! The thing is, it has to be a full butt slap, not just a brush against their ass.

There are a few rules:

1. Base is anywhere. You must squat with your butt on the floor for base. You can only be in "base" position for 5 seconds. Otherwise, your ass is mine.

2. "It" is first chosen by height.

3. As soon as "It" tags the next person, "It" has to sit down on base -- because there ARE tagbacks.

In case you are still confused, here are a couple illustrations demonstrating the playing of butt tag.

Game Premise


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is BUTT TAG.

Feel free to introduce this game and play it with your friends.


A word of warning, though. You may not want to play this on elementary school grounds (especially if you're an adult) because this is what happened to me about a week after I started butt tag. :(

"This game is inappropriate behavior!"

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February 01, 2005

Kim's Greatest Invention Idea

The other day I read somewhere that the reason for the increase of great big fat asses (you know, the kind that knocks shit over when you're walking) is because these days everyone has desk jobs.

This might seem trivial to you, but it really is a problem! You see, because we sit for 8 hours a day, the fat in our body tends to slide and settle to the lowest, closest point. This being our ass.

This information scared me to no end. The following is a true documentation of what I (as a programmer) will look like in 10 years if something is not done:

While panicking about the demise of my body, a few thoughts occured to me:

1. I already have a fat ass

2. What if I made it so that the fat went somewhere else?

3. What if I made it so that the fat went to my titties?

This created a chain reaction in my brain which lead me to come up with my most marvelous idea EVER.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you:


As you can see, the chair is tilted forward and there are holes where the torso should be to help encourage fat cell movement to the titty area.

Here is an example of how the chair would look in use.

As you can see in the photos above, the results of my chair are astounding! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Preorders anybody?

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