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August 02, 2005 @ 09:12 AM

Kill them all

Kill them all:
Pro-Choice, Pro-Death Penalty

An example why I'm a raving moderate.  I will never be able to choose between the parties because on the two biggest issues, I'm  a fucking banana split.

I'm pro-choice -- why? Because we don't have the right to tell an innocent person what to do with their body.

I'm pro-death penalty -- why?  Because some guilty fuckers deserve to die.

In a perfect world

In a perfect world, this is what I envision: no crimes and everyone rich enough and smart enough to afford and take care of their baby.

In our world, it's another matter.  Murder, rape and child molestation.  Three things that I find pretty unforgivable.  But, I know all too well that a criminal can reform once caught and that sometimes people are charged fallaciously. This is where I think the three strikes should come in.

I mean, seriously, if you're caught three times forcing a 6 year old child to rub your wang, it's definitely no mistake.  You're a fucking molester and you deserve to die.

As for being pro-choice -- seriously, do you think people will stop having abortions once some law is passed against it?  Didn't Prohibition teach us anything?  Would you rather have a qualified doctor remove the baby, or have a desperate would-be mother push herself down some stairs and smoke a bunch of crack in hopes that the baby inside her will just give up only to give birth to a retarded crack baby?

My solution?

Kill them all.  Our world is getting pretty filled up, there is only so much water and energy and we're destroying entire other species just to fullfill what we feel is our right.  Widespread plagues are no longer helping with population control and war is being faught against because we've become "civilized".

Come on, if the Chinese could limit people to how many children they're allowed to have, can't we kill some child molesters and let people choose how many children they want to have?

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July 30, 2005 @ 08:52 AM


Too much spare time?
Assumptions: an entry all about me. :)

A lot of people comment to me that I have too much spare time, since I spend them writing the types of entries that I do.   However -- what is it about my entries that makes it look like I actually take time on it?

Unlike many people who blog, I guess, I DO think in paragraphs -- so my written entries actually only take about 10-15 minutes to write.  As for the the entries with modified pictures -- come on now, I've been doing web design and web development for 8 years (yes, since I was 14) and had my first taste of adobe photoshop 3 at the age of 15 -- do you think it takes any time for me at all to scribble shit on a picture?

All defense aside, I notice that it's not only me that gets these types of comments -- the more prominent people are in their blogging, the more they get this question.  So to settle this once and for all, I'd like to say: if taking an extra five minutes of my time to think of something thought provoking from my day to write, as opposed to writing about my day itself means that I have too much spare time, then perhaps I do.

But for those of you who think I spend too much time -- what do YOU do with those five minutes?

What I do, who I am

Another question I receive often that is along the same lines is "What do you do all day?"  So, to acquiesce to your demands, even though I try to write as little about that kind of stuff as possible, I will tell you.  Will it make you understand me more? Probably not, but it's worth a try, right?

On Monday-Friday I work at this company from 9-12.  From 12:30-6 I work at this company.  For the first company, I make online tutorials, for the second I do web development.

In my spare time, I knit, sew, work on my webpage ( watch anime, sex and the city, and friends. I like to play poker, go clubbing, and I read a LOT. 

For the past 4 years I've belonged to a community service club (, part of the KEY Club/KIWANIS family) -- this is my first year not in a position, but I've had the priviledge of serving as Lieutenant Governer, Spirit Chair, and California Nevada Hawaii District Technology chair.

I spend copious amounts of time with Lan (formerly Sup007). 

And sometimes, when I'm not too tired of the internet from being the computer the whole day at work, I go online and scribble some bullshit that people happen to read.

Things I don't do: Clean my room.  Take shits every day.  Talk to my family.

The most recent pic of myself that I could find -- the reason I'm not looking at the camera is cuz there's porno on the computer screen.  It wasn't very good porno, though.  I'm disappointed.

And... that's all, folks!

What do YOU do all day?

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July 29, 2005 @ 08:59 AM

Racism or Bigotry?

Racism or Bigotry:
Which do you prefer?

After  my post yesterday -- to which I received mostly agreements that I originally expected to be indignant flaming, I realized that along with myself, there are a lot of openly racist people out there.

However, there were a couple people who gave me heated responses (one even called me the Hitler of Xanga! -- please don't call me that, I prefer Mussolini, thanks... I'm not quite as badass as Hitler)  Anyhow, it wasn't really enough to spark my fire and write back an indignaant response to their comments.

It was then that I read my friend Larry's blog.  He wrote:

Racism sucks.

That's why I'm a bigot instead of racist. Go bigots!

Which got me thinking...  Is there such a thing as a difference between the two?  And if there are, can you be one and not the other?

Racism here is spoken with this definition: Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

A Bigot is: One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.


I came to terms with the fact that I was racist a long time ago.  I realize that it's a part of my upbringing and that there are some thoughts about race I that just come naturally to me because of my parents and the media.

The unbearable thought is that I have to come to terms with the fact that , perhaps, along with being a racist, I, too am a bigot.

And then I realized it's true, I am.  That's why most of my friends are Asian, why I go to a school that is mostly Asian, why I enjoy learning about Asian culture more than any others.  Sure, it might not all be Vietnamese stuff, but I definitely identify more with Asian culture than any others.

Which takes me back to my original thought:
Can you be a racist without being a bigot? Or vice versa?

My answer to that is:  I don't think anybody isn't a little bit of a bigot, or a little bit of a racist deep down inside.  Our parents and the media have made sure of that.  However, as long as we don't act upon those racist and bigoted feelings then we'll be able to live our lives as if we weren't racists or bigots.

But... we can't forget that we're human and because we can see differences in each other plainly, we'll never truly be without racism (until we're all mixed, and then at that point, it'll be somethign else).

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July 28, 2005 @ 09:15 AM


Nobody I know likes typical Korean people:
Not even other Korean people.

Dave Chappelle said something on Def Poetry Jam  -- it went something like this: "Now I'd never say I'd hate all korean people.  I haven't met all korean people.  That hate talks for savages.  But even though I don't generalize --  I do do percentages and averages.  So far I hate 1 out of 5 korean people I've met so far."


For me the percentage is about half, I think.  I like about half of the Korean people I have met.   Which means, I dislike the other half.

Why?  Because all of the rest are whiney, bitchy, racist, hypocritical backstabbers.  That's right.  I said it, motherfuckers! 

Korean people are the only people I know that wrote me hate mail simply because I said I liked Korean music. Apparently, my Vietnamese ears weren't priviliged enough to listen to their precious language.  Excuse me, but the hate mail was written to me in English -- maybe if the hate mail had been in Korean I would have believed them.

I ESPECIALLY hate Korean bitches.  There isn't one guy I know who has dated a Korean girl and wasn't screwed over royally.  I've seen people destroy their whole lives for Korean bitches that leave them in the dust because they found someone better.  I've heard story after story of Korean bitches being Korean bitches.  Even guys who LOVE Korean girls know that they're going to get fucked over when they date a Korean bitch.

You might say to me then, "Why then, Kim are two out of four of your closest friends Korean?"  It's true, they are Korean -- but the difference is that one of them is gay, and the other one is a complete liberal [come on, women's studies @ berkeley?].

So, today's question: Why are typical Koreans so fucked up?

So what is it that we have learned today, kiddies?  Kim is a racist bitch who hates all Korean people.

Okay, not all Korean people, just more than half the ones I have met.  And apparently, the ones I haven't met are just fun to make fun of.

Bring it on, bitches.

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July 27, 2005 @ 12:59 AM


Which is more hellish?
Hell, or your own mistakes forever?

The common Western conception of Hell is burning flames and torture by demons, zombies and other creatures that relish in people's... discomfort.  At least, that's what I understand from movies.

...Pretty shitty ending for one's life -- especially if you're being sent there simply because you don't believe in the Western God.

However, as I was reading "Play", a play by Samuel Beckett, in which the characters are in a purgatory, living a part of their life over and over and over again  -- I began to think...

Wouldn't it be even more hellish than the common conception of hell if you had to live your life's worst mistake over and over for the rest of all eternity?  I mean, seriously, at least if you are tortured by demons, a part of you can think "Fuck, it is kind of unjustified that I'm being tortured by demons for all of eternity just because I made a few mistakes in my life... it's not like I did this to anyone" (That is, if you weren't a demon torturer yourself... but that's besides the point.)

The reason I think that would be the worst is because if you were forced to live your worst mistake over and over [the one you regretted the most], you'd know you deserve it -- because you're the one who made the decision to make the worst mistake of your life in the first place.

I don't even believe in Heaven and Hell, and I think that's fucking scary!

I just know, when I die, I'll have to live with the the thought "Shit.  I shouldn't have gone all-in in heads up with Jack-Ten off-suit." for the rest of all eternity.

What do you think is the most hellish? 
... and if hell were my version, what would you be forced to live with for the rest of eternity?

*note, i am actually only reading "Play" by Samuel Beckett, which can be found online

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